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Employee Testimonials

Jeff, Refrigeration Technician
Jeff explains the equipment he works on, why his job is important to his customers and how he worked his way into this career.
Rudy, Food Equipment Technician
Rudy explains how he never knew about this career but now that he is in it, he finds the problem solving he does everyday – addicting!
Eljin, Food Equipment Technician
Eljin explains why each day is different, how technicians are set up for success and how he really appreciates the benefits he gets.
Joni, Refrigeration Technician
Joni explains what she does as a refrigeration technician, why this is a recession proof career, and why this is a good fit for her.
Dan, Vice President, Operations
Dan explains how he got started with PTFE, and how he has helped the company grow over the years.